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Community Calendar

Comcast provides the use of its computer controlled character generator for announcing community events at no cost.

Announcements appear on the Community Calendar in the area of your event. Announcements will be accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Announcements may not contain any commercial information - only non-profit community events will be posted;
  • Announcements are limited to one page only;
  • Words can not be split between lines;
  • Comcast reserves the right to edit your announcement;
  • No price or dollar amount may be mentioned. However, in place of prices, the words "FEE INVOLVED" may be used;
  • Announcements must list the date of your event;
  • Announcements are generally posted within 1 - 2 weeks from the date of submission, so the earlier you get them in the better.
  • Comcast will run your announcement for up to two weeks, and Comcast will determine when your announcement will run;
  • Comcast reserves the right to reject any announcement;
  • Due to channel space limitations, Comcast will only run up to 2 submissions from the same group at one time, and no more than 4 submissions within a month.

In some areas, Comcast may not provide a community calendar. If you would like to post an announcement, we need to see if a community calendar is available in your area.

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