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Register for a Public Access Production Class

For those interested in making use of Comcast Public Access equipment and facilities for the creation of a public access program, we offer a class on the basics of television production.

There is currently a waiting list for classes. Signing up will get your name on the list, and you will be contacted when a spot opens up. We are currently offering classes at our Waukegan and Mt. Prospect locations only.

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What will I learn in class?
The classes cover the basics of TV production in the studio. You will learn various crew positions including: Camera Operator, Audio Operator, Tape Operator, Graphics, Floor Director and Technical Director. It will also cover the use of portable cameras and equipment for remote shoots. We will also talk briefly about editing and lighting. The class will finish out with a written exam.

Do I need to have any prior TV experience?
Nope! The classes are geared for beginners and fine for all ages and backgrounds. We just ask that you are not afraid of technology, because the class is very "hands-on"!

I have a background in TV production. Am I still required to take the class to get certified?
Those who have a professional background in television production have the option to test out of the class. Please contact your local studio for details.

What is the cost?
The only cost associated with the class is $10 for the workshop manual, payable on the first class day.

Where are the classes held?
Currently, classes are being held at our Waukegan and Skokie locations only. (Please note that producers who complete the class at one location can make use of studio facilities in another area).

When and how often are classes held?
Typically, classes are offered 3-4 times a year at each location. Days and times the classes are held vary, but are most commonly scheduled on weekday evenings (once or twice a week) for a total of 6 sessions. Please indicate your availability on your application.

Do I have to attend every session?
Absolutely. We cover a lot of information in each session, so attendance at every session is mandatory to complete your certification.

How long is the waiting list?
The length of the waiting list varies by location, and also varies by the availability of the people who are registered. Feel free to contact the location in which you registered to see where you are on the list.

I am certified access producer, now what?
Congratulations! You now have the privilege of booking studio time, editing time, and checking out portable cameras and equipment for remote shoots. Keep in mind that any time you use Comcast's facilities or equipment, it must be for the intent of producing a program for public access TV.