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Getting Ready for Broadcast: DVD's


DVD Formats

The following DVD formats are acceptable: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW



It is now unnecessary to include Comcast's 30-second disclaimer. These disclaimers will now be automatically inserted at the beginning of each program when it airs. It is also unnecessary to include any bars and tone, countdown or black at the beginning or end of the program. Your program content is all you need on the disc.



For a 30-minute timeslot, the maximum length of your program should be 29:30. For a 60-minute timeslot, the maximum length of your program should be 59:30. If your program runs long, it will be automatically cut off when airing.



Having no menu on your disc is preferable, but if it does have a menu, please make sure that your program is the first chapter on the disc. Each program needs to be on a separate disc.


Disc Finalization

If you are using a standalone DVD recorder to create your discs, make sure they are finalized before they are delivered to your playback location. Finalizing a disc conforms it to a standard, making it playable in any DVD player. A non-finalized disc will only play in the unit in which it was recorded.


Labeling Your DVD

All programs should be labeled with the following information:

  1. Title of Program
  2. Episode Number or Title (for series programming)
  3. Airdates
  4. Total Run Time (length of program)

DO NOT add any stickers to the top of your disc. DVD’s spin at a high rate of speed, and an incorrectly placed or peeling sticker can cause a DVD to playback improperly.  Label your disc using a pen or marker.  You can also use Light Scribe or an inkjet printable disc. Also be sure to label the disc case, unless it is a clear sleeve.


Delivering Your Program

DVD's can be mailed or dropped off in person. Remember - only deliver DVD’s AFTER you have secured a timeslot. Drop off hours / procedures vary by location, so contact your playback facility for detailed information.


Picking Up Your Program

DVD’s that already have aired should be picked up within 2 weeks after their final airing. After two weeks Comcast assumes no responsibility for their safekeeping. DVD’s WILL NOT be mailed back to producers. If you do not wish to keep them after airing, inform your playback facility and they will dispose of them for you.